We are "Approved Research Providers" for the NZ R&D Tax Incentive

Beta Solutions is an innovative full-service electronic engineering consultancy, from electronic product design and development to production.

Turning new product ideas into reality or ageing products into market winners, we are passionate about innovation with purpose. Beta Solutions is your electronic product design consultancy partner of choice for Electronic Hardware and Embedded Software design; Electro-mechanical design; Production and professional Consultancy advice. With clients throughout New Zealand and internationally, we are set up to successfully manage, design, and deliver your project regardless of the size or scope. Beta Solutions is an Approved Research Provider for the R&D Tax Incentive in New Zealand.

  • Concept to Commercialisation

    Concept to Commercialisation

    From product conceptualisation through to a ready-to-manufacture electronic product, we translate market needs into technical specs and provide researched based solutions to your problems.

  • Specialised and Validated Capabilities

    Specialised and Validated Capabilities

    With experience in private sector product development as well as Universities and Crown Research Institutes, we have the proven in-house resources required to bring your project to life.

  • Electronic Research and Development

    Electronic Research and Development

    We assist your company to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by designing your product with the latest emerging technology in mind.

  • Rapid Product Development

    Rapid Product Development

    As the development partner for your project, we know how to get your product to the market in the shortest time possible with minimal impact on your day to day business.

  • Product Development Consulting

    Product Development Consulting

    Our experienced team of engineers can provide you with specialist consulting services ranging from reliability analysis to more advanced architecture development, product testing, user trials, design reviews, process consulting, architecture assessments as well as cost reduction without
    compromising quality.

  • Product Manufacturing

    Product Manufacturing

    As part of our end to end services we offer our clients low volume in-house production as well as high volume production via our trusted network of local and international suppliers, ensuring on time delivery and quality management.


Beta Solutions is a trusted ally to innovative businesses in delivering intelligent and technology optimised, electronic product solutions.

Our wide-ranging experience and knowledge of leading technologies enable us to design electronic products for a wide range of industries. If you don’t see the right category for your project in our industries list here, it is very likely that we can still meet your needs.


Agritech is the use of technology in agriculture for the purposes of improving economic, environmental or social factors.

We have designed IoT Fuel Monitoring Devices which intelligently sense and communicate the fuel volume within a storage tank. This data can be supplied to the fuel delivery companies who can (i) optimise their delivery routes and (ii) ensure the user never runs out of fuel.

Smart LED lighting arrays for horticulture; electric fence monitoring systems; and health & safety monitoring devices are just some of the other Agritech products we have developed for our clients.

How can AgriTech benefit your business? Get in touch with us today to find out how Beta Solutions can turn your idea into a reality.

Assistive Devices
Assistive Devices

Assistive technology is a term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices used for improving people's lives.

Beta Solutions is committed to harnessing the benefits of the latest technology and utilising it for developing tools for the purposes of improving people’s lives. We have developed a number of assistive devices over the years, including miniaturized motor controllers for prosthetic hands.

Please contact a member of our development team to discuss how we can help unlock technological solutions for your Assistive Device needs.


Many of our clients choose to work with us because we have extensive experience developing products and working with technologies from a wide range of market segments that can apply to consumer products.

For example, we have applied our Scientific Instrumentation skills and expertise in developing a fully certified consumer smart wall-switch product. While the product uses advanced behind-the-scenes complex signal processing, from the consumers’ perspective the product seamlessly connects to their Smartphone App to effortlessly control their household lighting.

We can work with you to develop concepts, working prototypes and fully fledged consumer products that are ready for production.


Products intended for Industrial applications generally demand a higher level of robustness compared to consumer grade devices.

Beta Solutions has experience in developing leading electronics products including specialist Industrial Fume Cupboard Controllers. Despite the harsh operating environments - these controllers have proven to work uninterrupted for several years.

Whether your requirement is for industrial hardware or firmware or both, our engineering team have the specialist know-how and experience to deliver almost any solution.


Scientific Instrumentation is required to help people better understand the world we live in. As technology continues to rapidly advance, Scientific Instrumentation is becoming smaller, cheaper and more powerful - enabling/empowering users to unlock possibilities that were otherwise impossible in the past.

We have developed a High Speed Digital Transceiver for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance applications - which harnesses the power of advanced FPGA technology and signal-processing techniques.

Beta Solutions has the experience and is passionate about developing Instrumentation with the latest up-to-date technology in mind - thereby giving our customer’s products a competitive edge.


Due to an increasing demand for an “interconnected world”, by the year 2030 it is predicted that 130,000,000,000 devices will be connected to the internet. This is often referred to as the “Internet of Things” or IoT.

Our team of developers have developed many IoT based products including GPS tracking systems where the device’s location can be determined and then communicated back to the internet via LoRa (LP-WAN) based wireless technology. This technology has been used to improve asset management.

We would love to talk to you about your IoT product idea and how we can help.


Innovative technology continues to be of tremendous value to transportation businesses - including saving time, money, and the environment while often simultaneously improving safety.

We have developed a wide range of electronic products for the transport sector including Aviation Tracking systems. The device receives the aircraft’s GPS location coordinates, processes the information and then transmits the data back to land via the Iridium Satellite network.

If you have a product idea that relates to the Transportation industry, do get in touch with Beta Solutions. We’d love to share with you how we can help.


Research is at the heart of innovation and innovation is at the heart of progress.

Since the company’s inception, Beta Solutions has been involved with Research oriented projects. We regularly undertake Feasibility Studies and Proof-of-concept Prototypes to help our clients efficiently and effectively assess new product ideas. As a result of our Research and Development, several of our clients have gone on to successfully patent the novel technology which has been designed.

If you have a novel product idea involving electronics but don’t know where to start, talk to our experienced team who will be happy to help.

Have an idea and don't know where to start?

Regardless of the size or scope of your Project you’ll always receive the same outstanding level of service from our experienced, efficient team.

Beta Solutions endeavour to make getting started on a new R&D project as easy as possible for you, in just 3 steps:


  • The start of an innovation partnership.

    No matter what stage of development you are in, simply contact us to discuss how we can help. We uphold the confidentiality of our clients’ ideas - and our reputation depends on it. If required, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which we will prepare for you. This will further protect our mutual interests and enable us to more openly discuss the project you have in mind.

    Let's Innovate Together
  • A meeting of the minds that gives ideas traction.

    An initial face-to-face meeting as your free consultation is beneficial to:

    1. Establish a solid working relationship;
    2. Communicate your ideas, requirements, and specifications regarding the project in detail;
    3. Enable us to share about our previous work experiences, relevant capabilities, and working practices;
    4. Determine the best course of action to move the project forward to the next stage.
    Learn More About Us
  • Our proven development process will provide you with innovative and robust solutions.

    Depending on the project, we may mutually agree the need for us to issue you with a Project Proposal detailing the estimated cost, schedules and deliverables. Once you are ready to proceed to the next stage, we will prepare an Engagement Letter, bringing further clarity to our working relationship. At your acceptance, we can hit the project “go” button!



Beta Solutions has partnered with many established companies, entrepreneurs and research institutes - working closely together and building strong relationships to design electronic products based on the best technological solutions that will transform our clients’ businesses.

See why our clients chose us

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  • Beta Solutions continue to impress. They have completed a number of projects for us over the years and Beta Solutions deliver on time and on schedule, every time. They have a broad skill base with unmatched expertise. The quality of their work, from design to documentation, is excellent. I highly recommend you contact them first if you care about quality, innovation, cost and performance.

    Iannick Monfils, PhD - VP Engineering | Coherent Solutions (Auckland)

  • Beta Solutions were quick to translate our functional requirements into the technical specifications necessary for our prototype. Their technical capabilities were excellent, and we were very happy with the professionalism of their delivery. They achieved all of our requirements and provided full technical documentation to accompany the finished prototype.

    Dr Andrew Coy - CEO | Magritek Ltd (Wellington)

  • Beta Solutions’ knowledge of forefront technology enabled our research to be translated into (components of) scientific instrumentation whose design and performance was comparable with the market leaders. As an embedded electronic design partner, they were the perfect complement to our commitment to being world leaders in the field of NMR research and development.

    Dr Robin Dykstra - Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering | Victoria University (Wellington)

  • Beta Solutions provided 5th Element Ltd electronics design, PCB layout and testing services between August 2014 and October 2015. I was very impressed with Beta Solutions' communications, skill level and flexibility during this period. The project was halted several times by us for external reasons. Beta Solutions were happy to accommodate our timeline changes and other unreasonable requests as we shifted design goalposts during the program. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beta Solutions Ltd to others. I think they have a particular flare in developing challenging designs for startup companies.

    Mathew Jury - CTO | 5th Element Ltd (Lower Hutt)

  • It is rare to find the combination of high-technology technical expertise, practical hands-on skills with sophisticated and friendly customer service, yet Beta Solutions has these. When we approached Beta Solutions to partner our product development, they were able to combine analog and digital design skills with a deep understanding of human interfacing that allowed them to design a stunning product from our technical brief. Beta Solutions project management skills and communication with the client has always been superb and any problems that surfaced were dealt with quickly and efficiently, and at the lowest possible cost to the client. Beta Solution’s combined talents are exemplary. That Beta Solutions have such a comprehensive team to focus on each project has meant that the overall R&D operation was smooth and effective from inception to finished product. The high-tech knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities make them a one-stop-shop for electronic product design and manufacture. Atkinson & Rapley Consulting cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Dr Bruce Rapley - Principal Consultant | Atkinson & Rapley Consulting Ltd (Palmerston North)

  • Spidertracks have been impressed with the capability and delivery of Beta Solutions. We were under significant time constraints, and also had to deal with variations in the product specification. Beta Solutions showed the ability to both identify future problems and to pro-actively provide alternative resolutions. Their ability to work in a flexible and interactive manner allowed the final design to be optimised. At several times the project came under extreme time pressure, and Beta were able to ramp up their delivery to match a very challenging deadline. Their project management skills and communications were appropriate and effective at all times. Beta solutions have contributed materially to the creation of our third generation spider unit, which is a "state of the Art" unit including a number of ground breaking technologies.

    Mr Bruce Bartely - Director | SpiderTracks Ltd (Auckland)

  • Deadlines don't wait. Working to stringent specifications, it took TPE, working with Beta Solutions Ltd, just under six months to design and produce a new controller EcoAir® III - which includes many new features not seen before in Australasia.

    Simon Jones - Managing Director | Thermoplastic Engineering Ltd (Porirua)

  • I cannot fault Terry and the team at Beta Solutions. I had no previous experience in product development and even less knowledge when it came to electronics. Everyone at Beta Solutions really took the time to explain each step and I really appreciate the up to date communication throughout the project. Deadlines were meet and quotes were accurate. I would have no problem recommending Beta Solutions for any electronic engineering or product development. Thanks again to everyone at Beta Solutions.

    Grant Clark - Owner | Broken Compass (Whakatane)

  • We have worked with Beta Solutions for some years now. They have been responsible for the electronic firmware development of the Omeo. It has been a challenging task but they have always been up to the challenge. Beta have been willing to address any issues and come up with enhancements that we have required. It has been a real pleasure working with such competent, intelligent and highly qualified individuals. Always willing to do everything they can to meet our deadlines. 

    Mike Redman, CFO | OMEO Technology (Otaki)

  • Beta Solutions transformed our vision from a concept into a result that was fully scalable and optimised for real-world application. From system design to development and testing, each step was clear, considered and well communicated. Equally impressive was their ability to research and adapt as technical challenges presented themselves. We look forward to continuing to build our capabilities together. 

    Simon Rycroft, Creative Director | Abstract Interactive Ltd (Christchurch)

Our Clients

  • Resene
  • Ravensdown
  • Coherent Solutions
  • Thermoplastic Engineering
  • Integration Technologies Limited
  • Massey University
  • Spidertracks
  • PNCC
  • BioLumic
  • Ascot Pumps
  • Wellington Univentures
  • Levno
  • Broken Compass
  • Flight Sounds
  • Frog Parking
  • Cacophony
  • Goodnature
  • OMEO Technology