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Kids at Work Day

Kids at Work Day

I remember hanging onto my Dad’s every word when he talked about his work and the people he worked with. That’s where he spent all his time away from us and it was a big part of who he was after all. I always marvelled at the pride he took in his work and the products they made. I also remember the way he knew small details about his co-workers’ lives, like the names of their wives and children, what their interests were, and things that mattered to them socially and culturally.

Today, I can still vividly remember the first time he took me to his work. I got to experience first-hand what his work was all about - how they made their products, what the factory looked and smelled like, the atmosphere and ambiance of hard working people going about their jobs diligently, seeing the well-oiled production process and feeling a sense of pride when the perfect final products came off the line. But I think what impressed me the most was the way they all communicated with each other, the professionalism, evidence of mutual respect, and easy-going camaraderie with a bit of humour. It was clear that the way he interacted with his colleagues as their leader, that he practiced what he preached at home.

Hence my excitement when our Technical Director purchased some kid-friendly electronics kit projects and we decided to have an afternoon at work for our children to see what we do. I hoped that this experience would be as significant to my son as it was for me.


At Beta Solutions, “Relationships” is one of our core values. On our website, we define “relationships” as:
“We are people people. Our clients and our staff matter to us. We cultivate these relationships and combine our individual strengths to make great things happen.”

To design the most intelligent electronic product solutions for our clients, our employees need to be given the chance to be creative, innovative, and to maximise their protentional in an inspiring and caring environment. We firmly believe that to achieve this, a healthy work-life-balance is a non-negotiable. Management at Beta Solutions strive to create a company that respects everyone’s home lives and their families. We care about our employees’ wellbeing beyond the office, wanting them to be successful in all areas of their lives. It is important that they have time to spend with their families, pursue their passions and causes they care about.

So, when we had our "kids at work” afternoon, it was as much about recognizing and celebrating the importance of our family and work relationships, as it was about introducing our kids to what we do at work.

Highlights of the Day

After sharing lunch and laughter, we moved on the “work” of assembling the electronic products. It was amazing to see how they soaked up the experience, soldering like they have been doing it all their lives.

Kids at Work Creating Electronic Bugs

They relished the opportunity to explore all the equipment (from the 3D printer to the Oscilloscope) in our electronics lab. The wonder and delight in the end products they produced were priceless. To celebrate the new friendships they created, we ended the afternoon with a fun game of table tennis (just like the employees enjoy a competitive game to end off the week every Friday).

Kids at Work Exploring and Having Fun

The video below is a fun peak at how the afternoon unfolded.

It was heart-warming when my six-year-old son excitedly shared the ladybug with its LED lights he created as his oral presentation topic in class. And when their explore topic for the week at school was about inventions, he proudly shared that his mum worked at a place where they developed new products too.

It was an honour to introduce my son to my work family and their kids and it is a privilege to work at a place where my and my family’s wellbeing are valued as much as the work I do.  

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