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Beta Solutions Move to Palmerston North City Centre

After eight years of continuous growth, Beta Solutions Limited recently moved its design team to bigger, brighter, custom refurbished premises in the heart of Palmerston North.

The building dates back to 1925 and we worked closely with the landlord to ensure we respect its heritage whilst merging it with our high-tech needs. There is an artistic eclectic balance that permeates throughout the open plan office - like the steel beams resting above glass walls, industrial steel trays that light up the apex, as well as treasured original timber, brick walls and concrete pillars.

 Beta Solutions Open Plan Office  Beta Solutions Office Finishes  Beta Solutions Office Ambiance 1

The idea was to create an environment that enables us to best meet our clients’ needs and augment the Beta Solutions brand values. As complex problems are best solved collaboratively, it was important to create a space that will facilitate the innovative design work whilst providing a professional electronics and mechanical lab for development, prototyping and small scale manufacturing.

Work time is serious and sometimes you can hear a pin drop while everyone is dedicated to their projects, but come break times the team at BSL play card games, challenge each other at  table tennis or takes the frisbee to the nearest open patch of grass… That is why we were mindful in creating various sub spaces within the open plan office to ensure we can work hard and play hard together.

 Beta Solutions Social Space  Beta Solutions Meeting Room  Beta Solutions Staff Tea Time

By positioning the cafe style kitchen and lounge in the front, by the windows, we were able to maximise the views from the six fantastic windows and bring the greenery from the City Square and the bustle from the streets inside. We even have some historical photographs on the walls to establish a sense of place and celebrate the history of our city and the small part we get to contribute to its future. A five meter long window seat allows for a quiet space to think, contemplate, plan and design from. Or the kitchen bar proves popular if you need a coffee fix to enhance creative thoughts.  Thus within the open floor plan, there are quiet places to concentrate or social places to collaborate in - an environment that fosters creative thinking and functional work.

 Beta Solutions Cafe Style Lounge  The Square Historical Photos  Beta Solutions Thinking Spaces - Window Seat

Ceiling height acoustically rated glass walls in the meeting rooms allow one to enjoy the office space and City Square views whilst ensuring privacy when discussing new ideas or design projects in progress. The two meeting rooms are separated by a soundproof door for multiple meetings or by opening the door a versatile spacious meeting or training area is created. Perfect places for clients and employees to share ideas and work together towards creating successful products.

 Beta Solutions Board Room with Staff  Beta Solutions Board Room Client Meeting  Beta Solutions Board Room Glass Walls

The workstations in the open plan office area are in a formation that facilitates discussions and problem solving. Each Engineer’s workstation is equipped with essential technology and tools they require to innovate, develop, design and deliver from. Wheeled shelving units with electronic and software equipment can easily be moved between desks and the electronics and mechanical lab.

 Beta Solutions Office Plants  Beta Solutions Firmware Engineer at Desk  Beta Solutions Electronics Engineer at Desk

And then there is the lab, with its high tech tools, workbenches and components stored and organised with engineering precision and efficiency. Our lab includes both our specialised electronics area - complete with anti-static mats, soldering equipment and diagnostics instrumentation and also a dedicated mechanical & materials section - which contains more essential tools & drills and our indispensable 3D printer.

 Beta Solutions Hardware Engineer in Lab  Beta Solutions Electronics Engineer doing PCB Soldering  Beta Solutions Electrics and Mechanical Lab

A dedicated social area houses a table tennis table, dart board and golf putting mat. Designed as much to invigorate and build work relationships as it is to stimulate creative problem solving. Great ideas or innovative solutions often come to mind during either our proven design processes or competitive social contests.   

 Beta Solutions Social Area Darts  Beta Solutions Staff Playing Table Tennis  Beta Solutions Staff Playing Darts

All in all, it is proving to be a perfect place with various dedicated spaces for clients and employees to share ideas and work together.

You are welcome to drop by and see what we are up to, enjoy the views from our windows over a cup of coffee or challenge our reigning table tennis champion.

Coffee at Beta Solutions


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