Empowering our clients with innovative technology to help them build a better future for themselves, their employees, and New Zealand is the reason why we cannot wait to get to work everyday.

Our clients' privacy and the protection of their intellectual property is a non-negotiable for us. Therefore we cannot always share the exciting electronics projects we work on. Thank you to these clients below who have granted us permission to share the innovation projects that we have developed with them.


Explore a selection of electronics design projects.

  • Smart Paint Switch

    Smart Paint SwitchCase Study



    Resene Paints Ltd, NZ’s largest paint company, approached Beta Solutions with a view to help transform their idea into a commercial reality. Resene had a vision for a product which would enable users to control electrical devices simply by touching specially painted surfaces. These surfaces would be coated in their newly developed touch sensitive conductive paint and connected to some intelligent electronics - responsible for monitoring the user’s touches and controlling the devices (e.g.: house lights). 

  • Aviation Audio USB Adapter

    Aviation Audio USB AdapterCase Study

    Flight Sounds

    Flight Sounds Ltd looked to Beta Solutions to provide them with expert electronic design skills to help transform their product concept ideas into a commercial reality. The products are specifically developed to enable pilots to interface their real-world aviation headsets to computers, and are intended to closely match the audio intercom and radio features found in actual aircraft cockpits. Flight Sounds have gone on to sell thousands of products to users all around the world.

  • UV Lighting Control System

    UV Lighting Control SystemCase Study


    BioLumic Ltd are pioneers in developing world leading UV light solutions for the purposes of improving the yield, quality and disease resistance of crops. Their products are a result of over 10 years of pioneering science and research in Ultra Violet (UV) Light and plant interactions.

    Biolumic turned to Beta Solutions to help turn their scientific research into tangible products. 

  • Low Noise USB Audio Device

    Low Noise USB Audio DeviceCase Study

    SAM Scribe

    Beta Solutions partnered with Atkinson & Rapley Consulting Ltd, designing a dual-channel, broad-spectrum, USB sound recording device for recording environmental sound, specifically for investigating industrial noise pollution. The low noise specifications were very strict, but the end result surpassed their expectations.

  • Fume Cupboard Industrial Controllers

    Fume Cupboard Industrial ControllersCase Study


    Beta Solutions were engaged by a leading manufacturer of industrial fume cupboards to overhaul the design of their existing controllers. Custom electronic PCBs and dedicated embedded firmware were developed to control their safety critical products. Despite the tight specifications and timeframes, the project was completed on time and on budget.

  • Smartphone Electric Fence Detector

    Smartphone Electric Fence DetectorCase Study

    Fence Detective

    Anyone who has experienced being shocked by a several thousand volt Electric Fence knows it hurts - really hurts! Daniel Hall envisaged it should be possible to implement some "smart technology" - harnessing the power of a modern smart phone - to detect whether the fence was on or off. With that in mind, Dan engaged Beta Solutions to assist with the development. What resulted was a product which won the Vodafone Innovation in Technology Award at the National Fieldays at Mystery Creek in 2015.

  • AbstractLive

    AbstractLiveCase Study



    Abstract Interactive Ltd is a New Zealand based business which build innovative immersive light and sound experiences. AbstractLive is offered as a service by working directly with lighting and media specifiers, architects, creative professionals and end-users to build ambient and interactive experiences that remain relevant and always engaging.

    As there was no suitable off-the-shelf solution that could remotely manage and control the AbstractLive platform, the client engaged Beta Solutions to design and architect software for this aspect of the project.

  • Coherent Solutions

    Coherent SolutionsClient Testimonial

    Coherent Solutions develop and manufacture world-leading photonics test and measurement solutions.

  • Spidertracks

    SpidertracksClient Testimonial

    Real-Time Aircraft Tracking System - featuring global coverage via the Iridium Satellite Network.

  • OMEO Technology

    OMEO TechnologyClient Testimonial

    Award-winning OMEO is the only personal mobility device that fully integrates a unique Active Seat Control system with the very best of self-balancing technology.