AbstractLive Cloud Controller


(Photo credit: Abstract Interactive Ltd.)



Abstract Interactive Ltd is a New Zealand based business which build innovative immersive light and sound experiences.  

They saw an opportunity to create a new paradigm in digital lighting and audio content control - by shunning the standard 'repetitive loop media'  in favour of implementing an immersive (app-controllable) user-interactive experience.  AbstractLive was born.

AbstractLive is offered as a service by working directly with lighting and media specifiers, architects, creative professionals and end-users to build ambient and interactive experiences that remain relevant and always engaging. 

As there was no suitable off-the-shelf solution that could remotely manage and control the AbstractLive platform, the client engaged Beta Solutions to design and architect software for this aspect of the project.


The software that Beta Solutions was contracted to architect and design was required to:

  • Enable bi-directional communications between the installation and the cloud.
  • Enable the installations to be controlled using a phone app.
  • Work anywhere in the world with very low latency.
  • Scale to support multiple installations and users all over the world.
  • Remotely monitor installations.
  • Be robust and reliable.

The first phase of the project was to work together with the client to co-design an architecture and identify the requirements. Requirements were identified using the MoSCoW (Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, Won't Have this time) methodology. This enabled a clear priority of development and ensuring that the most important aspects would be completed within the allotted budget.

An architecture document was then drawn up which outlined what was to be built. This included an outline of the software and overall system architecture. The client then had this peer-reviewed to give confidence in the design.

Software developer working on AbstractLive.


Three separate pieces of the project were developed - as follows:

  • Remote Client – For communicating between the lighting installation and the cloud.
  • Cloud Server – To act as the hub between the Remote Client and the Phone app. (This also is responsible for controlling and monitoring aspects of the overall system).
  • Provisioning and Configuration Client – For setting up new installations and re-configuring existing ones.

As the project progressed, the architecture was refined when new requirements or challenges were identified.



A comprehensive test plan was developed to ensure that the product functioned as intended. This covered both normal and ‘error condition’ cases (such as network outage).

Deployment and After Sales Support

The solution was deployed to the client’s infrastructure using automated installation scripts, where it continues to perform very well. Project documentation and instructions were completed and handed over. Beta Solutions has continued to provide ongoing support of AbstractLive as required as well as offering advice on potential future developments.


Soon after project completion, the first installation of AbstractLive was successfully deployed (on the other side of the world) for the office of a large international technology company.

The product is now continuing to grow and develop.

Find out more at Abstract Interactive Ltd.

Video 1: Interactive Luminous Wall.

Client Testimonial

Beta Solutions transformed our vision from a concept into a result that was fully scalable and optimised for real-world application. From system design to development and testing, each step was clear, considered and well communicated. Equally impressive was their ability to research and adapt as technical challenges presented themselves. We look forward to continuing to build our capabilities together.

Simon Rycroft, Creative Director | Abstract Interactive Ltd 


* All the content in this article, including imagery, has been approved by our client for publication on this website.