UV Lighting Control System

UV Lighting Control System




BioLumic Ltd are pioneers in developing world leading UV light solutions for the purposes of improving the yield, quality and disease resistance of crops. Their products are a result of over 10 years of pioneering science and research in Ultra Violet (UV) Light and plant interactions.

Biolumic turned to Beta Solutions to help turn their scientific research into tangible products. They required a solution that consisted of both electronics (hardware and firmware) and electro-mechanical systems, to enable them to undertake their inhouse R&D and also large scale commercial operations. Engineering prototypes were initially constructed followed by a detailed design for manufacture and production of devices for use in customer trials.

Beta Solutions has been privileged to partner with BioLumic in assisting them with the design and development of their Lighting Arrays.

UV Lighting Array in Operation
A Lighting Array in operation. (Photo credit: Biolumic)


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