Are you looking for an electronic and PCB design company?

Our team of experienced engineers can develop custom designed, innovative electronic design layouts and printed circuit boards for your products.  


Electronic & PCB Design Services

Combining over 10 years of experience and the latest specialist Altium PCB Design CAD software - we have the authenticated ability to supply:

  • System architectures
  • Circuit simulations
  • Schematics & PCBs
  • Design for compliance
  • Bill of materials
  • Production docs

Electronic & PCB Design Capabilities

Beta Solutions has the validated electronic and PCB design capabilities to deliver:

  • Overall System Design
    High-level architecture development; Technology analysis; Block diagrams and Standards conformity.
  • Circuit Design
    Analog and digital;  RF; RF amplifiers; Schematics; ADC; DAC;  Mains and battery power; Low-power; Solar power and Energy harvesting; Low-noise design; FPGAs; CPLDs; Audio and Video; Linear, charge pump, and switch mode power supplies (SMPS); Micro-controllers and DSPs; RAM (volatile), EEPROM (non-volatile), and Flash (non-volatile) memory; LEDs, OLEDs, LCDs and touchscreen displays; Motor and automation control systems; Peltier heating/cooling systems; Heat management; Connectors; EMC immunity and emission control; Data loggers; Buttons and switches; Design for Low cost; Design for Miniaturisation.
  • CAD Tools
    Altium Designer (very latest version); Component Database (Altium Vault); SPICE circuit simulation software.
  • PCB Layouts
    Single and multi-layer design; BGA and fine pitch; Flex and rigid-flex circuits; Through hole and surface mount (SMT); 3D PCB modeling; Motherboard, Daughterboard and Riser board design.
  • Programmable Logic Devices
    Xilinx FPGA and CPLD design and development; Hardware description programming in VHDL, Handel-C, Verilog.
  • Communications
    Wireless: Cellular, NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT), LoRa, Satellite, Wifi, Bluetooth (BLE, Audio), RF, Zigbee.
    Wired: USB host and slave, Serial, RS232, RS422, RS485, 1 Wire, SPI, I2C, PCI Express, Ethernet, CAN, LON or LonWorks.
  • Sensors
    Temperature, Pressure, Capacitive, Inductive, Magnetic, Time-Of-Flight, Lidar, Radar, Cameras, UV, Infrared, RF, Liquid flow, Barometric, Compass, Magnometer, Ambient light, RGB, Hall effect, Vibration, Accelerometer, Proximity, Ultrasonic, Touch, Sound, GPS, Air flow, Angular or linear position encoder, Velocity, Force, Pressure, Weight, Water, Voltage, Current, Power, Gyroscope, Yaw rate, Displacement, Tilt, Tachometer, Motion, Stretch, Heartbeat, Time of flight.
  • Component Selection
    Evaluation, sourcing, procurement, pricing analysis, and specifications for complete-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom components.
  • Compliance
    Circuit design to conform to national and international standards such as: EMC, Radio (C-tick, FCC, CE etc), and Product Electrical Safety Certification such as Explosive Atmospheres (AS/NZS 60079), Information Technology Equipment (AS/NZS 60950), Power Supply Safety (AS/NZS 61558), Household Electronics Switches (AS/NZS 60669), and General Electrical Equipment requirements (AS/NZS 3100). Product conformance testing coordination.
  • Design Validation & Testing
    In-house prototype production; Functional testing; Integration testing; Power and signal integrity testing; Frequency response analysis; In-circuit logic testing; Debugging; Fault Tree analysis; Durability and endurance testing.
  • Design for Manufacturing
    Creepage and clearance considerations; BOMs; Professional schematics; Versioning and traceability; Manufacture and supply line; Documentation; Factory programming and test equipment.

Electronic & PCB Design Projects 

The following projects illustrates how our electronic and PCB design services resulted in successful high-tech products: