Our flexible and proven innovation process is designed to minimise risk for our clients.

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  • 2 | Define

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  • 3 | Design

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Beta Solutions is on your team. We are used to working alongside both commercial and technical audiences, and are always looking out for how to deliver more of what you want. From your first consultation with us through to product commercialisation, our proven innovation process will provide you with advanced, creative solutions at every stage of development. We believe that our process is enabling and flexible, without compromising quality standards, in order to cater for your project’s unique requirements. New product development can be risky and the outcome unsure, therefore effective communication at key project gates is integral to deliver your project on spec, on time, within budget and at the highest quality.

The Beta Solutions Innovation Process is the product of years of project management experience. You can have peace of mind that this necessary but difficult part of your product development is in specialist, reliable hands.

With a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place protecting both your and our intellectual property, you can confidently share your ideas so that we can start working together towards innovative solutions for your project.

Beta Solutions' Proven Innovation Process 

Research, engineering, and creativity merge through a process of Design Thinking to obtain innovative solutions.

BSL Innovation Process