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  • SpaceX 5 Startup Insights

    Five SpaceX Insights for Startups

    Perhaps you identify with being an entrepreneur? Maybe you already own or manage a startup business, or have an interest in them? This blog takes a high-level look at five key traits which have enabled SpaceX to “concur the...

    Jan. 31. 2018

  • Kids at Work Day

    Kids at Work Day

    I remember hanging onto my Dad’s every word when he talked about his work and the people he worked with. That’s where he spent all his time away from us and it was a big part of who he was after all. I always marvelled at the...

    Dec. 15. 2017

  • Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN)

    LPWAN: An Introduction

    Due to an increasing demand for an “interconnected world”, by the year 20301 it is predicted that 130,000,000,000 (or if you prefer words: one hundred and thirty billion) devices will be connected to the internet. This...

    Dec. 01. 2017

  • The New Bluetooth Mesh in an Indusrtial Setting

    A Closer Look at the New Bluetooth Mesh

    After a few years of being "around the corner" Bluetooth Mesh is finally here. Several product designers and developers have made their own meshes based on Bluetooth LE in the long wait for a standard (indeed we have also developed our own)....

    Oct. 27. 2017

  • Electronic Product Compliance

    Electronic Product Compliance - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    What is compliance? Inventing and developing the next big electronic product is a significant step but is not the last step before that product can go to market. New Zealand, and most overseas markets have laws and regulations which...

    Oct. 05. 2017

  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems - GNSS

    New Zealand Trialling Centimetre Level GNSS

    Since the Global Positing System (GPS) was launched by the United States in the late 1970s, modern civilisation has developed an ever increasing dependence on global navigation systems. Think of the many GPS equipped devices and applications...

    Sep. 08. 2017

  • Beta Solutions' New Website

    It’s here! Announcing the launch of our new website.

    Beta Solutions is excited to announce that our new and refreshed website, which has been many months in planning, is live. The updated site can be found at the same place: The main objectives were focused...

    Jun. 15. 2017

  • Coding standards for firmware

    Test Driven Development

    There are a multitude of coding standards and methods available for writing modern day firmware and software. One of the more popular approaches that has been floating around for us and in the wider coding community is Test Driven Development...

    May. 29. 2017

  • Beta Solutions Office 44B King Street, Palmerston North

    Beta Solutions Move to Palmerston North City Centre

    After eight years of continuous growth, Beta Solutions Limited recently moved its design team to bigger, brighter, custom refurbished premises in the heart of Palmerston North. The building dates back to 1925 and we worked closely with the...

    Mar. 31. 2017